Portfolio Management

PIVO is neither an accredited bank, nor a registered Broker Dealer.  We are not registered with FINRA.  However, through our third party relationships with current Management, Pivo has established industry relationships with traditional firms..  Management currently  maintains an affiliation with Morgan Stanley through Morgan Stanley’s Professional Alliance Group.  Through this alliance, a broad range of Morgan Stanley investment products and Hedge fund offerings are available for institutional investors only.  For more information about MorganStanley SmithBarney Professional Alliance Group, click on the following link:

Portfolio Management services are provided through the MorganStanley SmithBarney Professional Alliance agreement.

These services include:

Portfolio Management:
Moderate and low-volatility commingled and separate account portfolios of hedge funds, diversified by strategy, style, and/or geography, to meet a range of risk and return objectives. Through advanced portfolio construction techniques and an integrated, quantitative approach to risk management, the goal is to provide superior performance to the global institutional investor community. Correlation among managers on our conservative platforms is typically very low and our portfolios are well diversified with different sources of alpha. By using a specialist approach, we believe this method enhances the ability to locate  best in breed hedge funds in each strategy. It is our belief that hedge fund managers tend to deliver greater performance at the early stages of their fund-cycle.