Consumer Goods

three lipsticks over white

Pivo has the capabilities of acting as a “sourcing house” for the creation, production and procurement of various Consumer Goods.

Throughout the decade, Pivo has consulted on Global brand introductions into Developing and Mature markets alike.  Specifically, Pivo has worked with Textile manufactures in producing finished products, denim design houses for the creation of Premium Denim and Uniform Houses for small batch “runs”.

Hi-Quality Fashion servicing experience has morphed into Cosmetic packaging and filling expertise.  Pivo has consulted for numerous European Fashion Houses in developing specific products for Asian and North American market Penetration.

Solar panel on a red roofFollowing a “Green Trend”, Pivo has also crossed over to lithium battery & solar panel production, and “Off-Grid” Solutions.

Where Customized products became necessary, Pivo has been an active player in the 3-D concept to prototype modeling of small quantity production parts.

Whereas traditional “casting” and Industrial design have been slow processes, Pivo with technological acumen has fast tracked production technological advances.

There is not a Consumer Product in existence that Pivo cannot manufacture, nor is there an idea for a product that cannot be produced within a 24 hour time frame.