Energy and Infrastructure


Through industry and personal research, Pivo has identified the fields of Energy and Infrastructure as sectors poised to experience above average returns.  Statistical analysis has shown that growth in demand in the developed economies has created an unprecedented need for investment in all forms of energy as well as infrastructure. Different from past cycles, the magnitude of capital and operating requirements is substantially higher due to the fact that the sources of supply and centers of demand are located in non-traditional centers.

Accordingly, there are significant needs in the exploration, development, production and transportation of this energy. Due to our experience, Pivo has  built a business around advising our clients and proposing  the most effect capital solutions to take advantage of this growing demand and rapidly changing supply picture.

We believe that the key for institutional investors is to invest in energy production as well long-lived infrastructure assets that will continue to provide a critical link in the supply chain. As the market for traditional and alternative sources of energy changes and as global infrastructure continues to age, Pivo is able to provide strategic advice and operational “know-how.”